Top Must Read Posts From 2008

Time: Man of The Year 2008
Time: Man of The Year 2008
Time: Man of The Year 2008

Back in 2008 the major news events were the Olympics in China, World Hunger increased due to rising food prices, Increased violence due to Taliban Resurgence, Terrorist attacks in India and  ex- KGB Putin is becomes Prime Minister along with the Russia -Georgia War. Obama becomes President and Castro turns over the reins to his brother Raul. Lets not forget the Global Financial Crisis and the US bailout.

Britney Spears was hospitalized, Christina Aguilera had a baby, Lindsay Logan gets naked, MaryAnn from Gilligans Islands goes to jail for marijuana, Angelina and Brad give birth to twins.

We read about an Iris Implant and Myopia Implant it was the start of Bionic Contact Lens posts.

That said, during that time, Shirley and I started blogging in October of 2008. At the time, most people did not know what a blog was and were ‘Never’ going to get involved in Social Media. How things have changed! What has not changed the basic premise of running an eyecare business. Managing, Tracking, Selling and Retail Math and the issues of of the Great Online PD debate and selling online.

What has changed: the growth of Social Media (Marketing), E-commerce, smart phones and tablets and how people are purchasing.

That said, every year we put up our top read posts. After evaluating our top posts, it occurred to me that many of our top posts are still being found today on the Internet and are Still Applicable Today.

We pulled together our TOP 2008 sales and marketing posts that are still being read and found today in the Internet.

2008 Top Posts

  1. What Are Free Form Lenses and Digital Surfacing– Free Form lenses were starting to make a mainstream appearance. Shirley writes and article on what they are and digital surfacing.
  2. 39 Ways To Market Your Practice– This post goes back to the old fashioned way of doing business.
  3. Keys to Effective Marketing Plans– Another concept that has not changed.
  4. Multiple Pair Sales– This issue goes back over 30 years, since I started in the optical business.
  5. Dust To Dollars Promotions That Work– Promotions Never Die..
  6. Retail Math Made Simple– Every business owner should know this.
  7. 10 Ways to Turn A Shopper Into A Buyer– More important today than ever.
  8. Top 14 Ways to Increase Your Business With Word Of Mouth Marketing – It is not always about Social Media.