Top 7 Signs Your Employees Think You Are A Jerk


I read this very interesting article from BNET  on being a jerk boss. I think I am very forunate to have had fairly decent bosses over the years.

Q: Steve, I work for a guy who is just a jerk. He yells at employees all day long, fires people every week — seemingly to keep people on edge — never gives raises, etc. And the worst part is, I can’t afford to quit. Why do people act this way?

AL It never ceases to amaze me how many employees work for really bad small business owners. It is  surprising for two reasons: First, how anyone can think that berating people works is just strange, but more importantly, the very nature of a small business is that they are intimate, close-knit affairs. Small businesses typically work in confined spaces and with only a few people. Under those circumstances especially, being a good boss is all the more important — to your staff, your business, and yes, to your bottom line.

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When I think back, who was my worst boss?

  • I had one married boss who was having an affair with his secretary. She was crying all the time. That was not a good situation.
  • I had one boss who used to call me at 11:00 at night, finally I put my foot down and started hanging up on him.
  • I had one company who promoted a very crazy employee, who would have become my boss. I quit.
  • Tell us some of your bad boss stories, so we can learn!

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