Top 20 Trends Via Trendhunter


I know this is our 3rd Trend Report this year, but I think you have to hear this over and over and from different sources. Every year we do the trend report from Trendhunter. They cover every consumer trends and many are applicable to eyecare retailers. Highlighted in Red are appropriate for eyecare professionals.

20. Social Commerce – Why buy online if you can’t shop with your friends? Social media shopping platforms, Pinboard web shops and e-commerce are starting to merge with consumers socializing products pre-purchase.

19. Micro Adaptation – The newest iteration of pop-up shops leverage your phone, with virtual subway markets, scannable transit libraries and couture street vendors that let you order products from your phone.

18. Pseudo Domestic – Social media, foodie culture and a post-recession return to the kitchen are sparking a renewed interest in the domestic arts. But who has time to make something from scratch? Cooking kits and near-ready made meals allow consumers to cook like a Michelin star chef.

17. Modest Chic – Conservative fashion, Amish-inspired apparel and minimalist style; In a world ubiquitous with exposed body parts, there’s a new charm in the aesthetic intellectual, making modesty shine brighter than brazen sexuality… concerned parents, rejoice!

16. Edgy Environmentalism – In the 1990s, the eco life was for hippies, in 2000s eco products became symbols of luxury, and now, as eco mindfulness has become more pervasive, we’re seeing more edgy environmentalism with off-putting tree sculptures, grassy street art and muddy urban graffiti.

15. Mobile Romance – Our phones already keep us connected to our crushes, but now apps like Tinder and Swoon are helping people hook-up and meanwhile Kahnoodle is gamifying romance with spontaneous suggestions, relationship challenges and finally a way to keep score.

14. Sampletising – Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Farmville show us people love to try first and buy later, leading Farmville to sell a billion dollars of virtual pigs, cows, seeds and land. Now, sampletisign is creeping into the physical world with If sampletising works for games, just imagine what it can do for your brand. (Think Warby Parker)

13. Consumer-Controlled Innovations – Imagine an era of crowdsoucred beer, crowdsourced travel maps and crowdsourced potato chips. You’re living in it. Crowdsourcing is kicked up a notch with consumer-controlled innovation spanning product design, branding and marketing. (Every week on we do an optical based crowdsourced product)

12. Functional Out of Home – Marketers are upping the ante out of home with umbrella billboards, interactive Wi-Fi ads and posters that let consumers order food for delivery at a click of a button. Outdoor ads have become more important in a reality where consumers tweet, Instagram, and facebook their favorite ads.

11. Food-Focused Getaways – Beer spas, cake hotels and chocolate-inspired accommodations seem bizarre at first, but in our era of economic uncertainty, consumers are placing a higher emphasis on experience.

10. Visualized Social – Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and visually designed sites (TH?) have taken over the conversation, particularly for teenagers. A 12 year explained this to me by saying, “Facebook was cool 10 years ago, phone calls are for old people and email is for parents.”

9. Kit Culture – Wine delivery, shaver subscriptions, heartbreak emergency kits and man baskets just a few examples of a new era in subscription products and ready-made kits. (See Stunner of the Month Club)

8. Villain Worship – Evil queen cosmetic tutorials, movie criminal art and villainous crocheted masks signify a shift away from the prototypical heros. Dexter, Don Draper, Hank Moody, Walter White and the Wolf of Wall Street all signify our love for the villain.

7. Simulated Home – IKEA-furnished lodgings, house-like hotels and rest-focused accommodations. In the past, consumers sought destinations based in exotic location, but now, escapism and comfort are key. (See Destination Eyecare)

6. Malleable Mania & Wearable Tech – Over the last few years, customization and apps have taken our focus, but now design is becoming more important AND WEARABLE. From flexible phones and wearable watches to augmented reality glasses, our interface with technology is changing. (See Technology Eyewear)

5. Meme Celebrity – Gangnam Style, Grumpy Cat and Rebecca Black taught us that the internet and pop culture have merged. Online celebrities are becoming real with book deals, action figures and collectable gifts that bring digital trends to life.

4. Infinite Design – Continually spiraling staircases, infinitely mirrored interiors and cityscape infinity pools show a new fascination with design, illusion and perpetual experience.

3. Internet Slang Marketing – Emoticon flower arrangements, hashtag handbags and gen Z vocabulary charts, show us that Internet Slang has become the proofpoint that your fingers are on the pulse of pop culture.

2. Subscribed Social Good – Hunger-fighting food packages, global farmers’ markets subscriptions and sustainable produce programs are making it easier than ever to embed social good into your daily routine. Find a couple thousand more examples at our sister site (See Eco Friendly Eyewear)

1. Gamble Economics – It’s never been simpler to gamble on your next big idea. You can prototype your product with a low-cost 3d printer, quickly mock –up a website, crowd source your logo and crowdsource your funding. This enables a new era in market testing (and also makes it easier for your next competitor to be that 12 year old kid down the street. (see 3D printing)

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