Top 18 Wood Eyewear And Sunwear Companies

Sires Eco Friendly Eyewear

Growing Fashion Eyewear Trend-  Wood Eyewear And Sunglasses

I just posted another new eyewear company that is making wood eyeglasses to be sold direct to the consumer. When you google Wood Eyeglasses (802,000 Results) Wood Eyewear (1, 210,000 Results) there is quite a few results for such a small niche eyewear market. Wood Eyeglasses are not new, they were among the first eyeglass materials used, Remember the wood Wayfarer  years ago?

Many companies are using Wood as decor or embellishments You can find vintage Cazal Caviar ‘s with exotic wood, Lee Allen uses wood and bamboo for temples and Micro Mega (Italy) uses wood for Eyewear Top Bars

In Asia there seems to be a few individuals such as  Mr. Takemoto, (who shows up frequently in google) and artisans out of China and India making wood eyeglasses and selling online. Then of course some companies such as Manik offer their own seasonal wood eyewear. Then other artistic designer such a Bendall Design make up an occasional limited edition pieces.

Just how many wood eyewear companies are there? Is this a trend? Of the below listed companies- Seven of them are new (this year) and a couple are fairly new (in the last 2 years. Did these budding eyewear designers start due to the economy?

Micro Mega Using Wood Branches

Why I really like this trend

  1. Finally eyewear made in the USA, yes support our economy, buy local and support local entrepreneurs.
  2. Craftmanship- between some of the wood carving (Spectacle Eyeworks) and the handmade aspect set these apart from the standard plastic and metal frames.
  3. The majority of these companies are Eco Friendly and support causes and give back, whether by planting trees or an overall giveback program
  4. Carrying wood eyewear sets an eyecare office apart from the competition. Wood eyewear is not a mass produced product.
  5. Each piece looks different- Due to the inherent qualities of wood and the textures, each piece is unique to the wood.
  6. A few of the companies do custom work as well, excellent way to provide customer service.
  7. Appeals to a distinctive and non-managed care market.

Top 19 Eyewear Companies That Offer Wood Eyewear- (I will keep updating as I find new companies (9-25-10)

  1. Capital Eyewear- (New) eyewear launch, Twitter and Facebook
  2. Cartier Eyewear- Has has wood temples for years
  3. Drift Eyewear (New) Wood and Acetate, FSC Certified wood and gives back to 1% for the Planet
  4. Eye Shoulda (CO) Custom handmade wood eyewear  970.988.3314,  also on Facebook, Twitter and a Blog
  5. Gold and Wood (Miami, FL) Luxury wood eyewear, also on Facebook
  6. Herrlicht (Germany) Handmade Wood eyewear
  7. iWood (KY) (Louisville, KY) Eco Friendly wood eyewear, fairly new company
  8. M.A.D.E (Danish) Founded in 2004
  9. Matteo Ragni (Italy) Handmade Wood Eyewear
  10. Micro Mega (Italy) Wood Top Bars for rimless Frames
  11. OGA (Morel, France) Has wood temples
  12. Rolf Spectacles (They Also Have Bamboo) and have won design awards for their wooden eyeglasses
  13. Shwood Eyewear (Canby, OR) Fairly new company- Handmade wood eyeglasses- on Facebook, Twitter
  14. Sires Eyewear- (CA) New company-Eco Friendly biodegradable wood eyewear , Support Trees For the Future. YouTube Videos
  15. Spectacle Eyeworks (Canada) The wood collection is fairly new. At Vision Expo
  16. Urban Spectacles (Chicago, IL) Handmade Wood Spectacles, eyewear made from records and bicycles. Eco Friendly eyeglasses
  17. Villa Eyewear- Allesandra Soresina Wood Temples, new launch
  18. Wooden Specs Studio (Indianapolis, IN) New company-Wooden eyewear
  19. Holy Green (France) New company, rimless eyewear with wood temples

Wood Look Eyewear

  1. OGI (USA)
  2. Kerf Eyeword- (USA)Wood Textured Look
  3. Indi Nation (Australia)
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  1. Wood eyeglasses define luxury.Truly one of a kind look. Wood and gold absolutely gorgeous.Got them at

  2. To the best of my knowledge Luxottica doesn’t have wood frames. The Revo and Oakley collection have some eco friendly plastic frames.

  3. I started wearing Woodlook Paris frames back in 1982, and I still wear them, even though they went out of business mnany years ago. I am able to find them on eBay from time to time.

    I am really pleased to see new companies putting wood frames out there. The key is not to charge a fortune–which put Woodlook out of business (last frames I bought in Paris in 1990 cost me almost 500 bucks–and the exchange rate to the dollar was pretty good then!)

  4. Another new brand!
    With pleasure I introduce our website: We can make any model and the frames are strong, flexible and light. The temples are hight adjustable. Customers can choose the timber sort, matte or gloss finish, with or without wooden nose pads and all frames can be resized. Ivo

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