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HR- Human Resources – it is probably the hardest part of any job! I truly admire and respect HR Experts, not only because of the unceasingly amount of paperwork, laws and regulations they have to keep up with, but the tactful ways you have to handle not only customers today but your staff. Remember laws can change by state and it’s important that you are aware of your state laws regarding the HR part of your business.

After scouring the web- here below is a good sampling of HR resources and blogs. I personally like blogs, they are interactive, you can comment, ask a question and get many responses and ideas. Plus on each blog, there is a Blog Roll- these blog rolls comprise of many more resources and links to answers you might have.

  1. About- If you have never been on about- it’s a great resource for everything you can possibly imagine.
  2. Chief Happiness Officer– He speaks and consults in businesses all over the world, showing executives, managers and employees how to change workplaces from dreary and stressful to more fun, energized and happy. And profitable!
  3. Drama, Conflict, Despair and Victory at Work-Attorney Frank Pray (Newport Beach, CA)  he field of employment law is always presenting new situations for the courts to clarify, and this area of practice is never dull. Because we all spend so much time at work, there are few areas of law that affect the individual and businesses as the law governing employee-
  4. Evil HR Lady- HR professional in a Fortune 500 Company. Hired, fired, managed pay and analyzed the numbers.- Informative Blog with real life examples.
  5. Hiring Revolution– You will find a mix of anecdotes, real-time issues and challenges, philosophies of recruiting, and lots of insight on how we manage our time and resources so we can proudly continue to claim to be the best resource in your arsenal for talent.
  6. HR Bartender- Fun Blog about HR, great ideas from and expert.
  7. HR Thoughts- general all around HR Blog- good insights
  8. HR Training Center TrainingCenter offers training and education to HR, Insurance, Finance,Accounting, Banking, Legal, Health Care, and Real Estate professionals.
  9. HR Web Cafe– he HR Web Café is sponsored by the ESI Employee Assistance Group. ESI has been delivering employee assistance services throughout the US and Canada to over 750,000 members and 1800 employers throughout the US and Canada for more than two decades. During that time, we’ve encountered virtually every employee problem and have developed a depth of experience and expertise in dealing with these issues.
  10. HR World
  11. Human Resource Blog- is an award-winning web based Human Resources information and support portal helping over 20,000 business owners, HR professionals and HR “hat wearers” across the country deal with day-to-day HR obligations and headaches. We save our clients time and money by making it easy for them to meet compliance requirements, support their business objectives and protect their organizations from unnecessary liability.
  12. Human Resource Blog– (another one)
  13. Labor and Employment Law Blog – provide easy-to-understand, accurate and informative posts on employment issues that involve federal labor and employment laws — windows into the book. We also welcome feedback and discussion around these evolving issues. That way, the blog can supplement the book as a resource of information for employers, human resource professionals, and labor relation’s officers to better understand their legal requirements and obligations as governed by the federal statutes.
  14. Managing Employees- General HR blog, great information
  15. E-Bim– Human Resources IQ: Powered by e-Bim, is a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community. Interact, share solutions to your business problems with an incredible network of authoritative sources and practicing professionals. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s free.
  16. Your HR Guy– Lance Haun is a Human Resources Generalist practicing in the field for the past five years. His professional interests include recruitment, team building, training and development, employee relations and restraining himself from beating the crap out of bad managers and employees. He is a proud product of the Washington State University School of Business.
  17. Workers’ Comp Insider . A group blog, with posts from a number of experts at the Wellesley, Mass.-based consultancy Lynch, Ryan & Associates. LynchRyan helps employers to minimize workplace losses. More importantly, it helps workers to regain productivity and return to work. In a classic case of win-win, we’ve learned that by doing the right thing for injured employees, employers save money, enhance productivity and foster improved workplace morale.

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