TO DO: Travel in A Box Merchandising


We are coming into vacation season and this is the time to put together ‘Travel In A Box’ display for your patients. travel 2015Set up your Store Within a Store, with pictures of destinations and suggestions on what to pack. Travel Sunglasses are hot, which is why every Duty Free Shops offer a big selection of sunglasses and why Sunglass Hut seems to be in every major airport.

You know it is big when Essilor has not just one but two ‘Sunglass-Eyeglass’ collections that are featured in Duty Free Shops. Essilor’s Bolon Eyewear was a big feature in 2015 and they will be launching Moision Eyewear at TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore in May.

Eye Bogglers

  • American Express Travel said that based on the average seven-day trip (for international travel), a 2015 vacation is likely to cost from $2,100 to $5,000 or more
  • The 50+ Spend $120 Billion a Year in Leisure Travel with a Majority Planning Four–Five Trips Next Year (AARP)
  • Euromonitor International, a market research company, estimates Americans will make about 64 million trips to foreign countries in 2015.

Try putting together a package pricing ie. lens cleaner, microfiber cloth, contact lens solutions,  screwdriver kit as a package price. Place the items in a large eyeglass case. Attractively display them with various themed Destinations. These also make great gifts.

Products by Rons Optical
Products by Rons Optical

One of the most important items aside from a back up pair of eyeglasses is of course sunglasses.

Fitovers, SwitchVision, Flip Ups and sport strap by Hilco and Kids sport glasses by Wileyx.
Fitovers, SwitchVision, Flip Ups and sport strap by Hilco and Kids sport glasses by Wileyx.

Another idea is to outreach to local travel agents (there might be a few left), other doctors offices, boutiques and see if you can do a trade with them for the same concept.

Take some travel posters with white sunglasses and display with white sunglasses.

Make sure you put your ‘Eye Love To Travel’ kit on your website, Facebook or blog.

Have A Travel Day- this actually comes from AAA. In their mag, people show the Westways magazine on their trip. You could do the same thing and have it posted on Facebook, share your travel stories.

Set up a window display with old luggage or any luggage (maybe your local luggage store will loan you some)

Where To Get Eyecare Travel Supplies

  • Hilco- Lens cloths, readers, cleaners, eyeglass retainers, screwdrivers, magnifiers, sunclips
  • Rons Optical- Contact Lens cases, magnifiers, eyeglass holders, repair kits and make-up glasses, Vizini Visor attachment, Kids Sunglasses,
  • Jonathan Paul– Fitovers and duality eyewear, great for sunglasses
  • SwitchVision– Interchangeable lenses, is one pair of glasses with many types of lenses, so the wearer is always prepared for any weather conditions.
  • Modern Optical via Summit Optical Supply 


The Ultimate Packing Packing List 

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