TO DO: Prepare For National Sunglass Day


National Sunglass Day is June 27 and this can be a big deal. It is hard to promote National Sunglass Day if you are not carrying any sunglasses. Stock lots of sunglasses and merchandise with beach towels, summers sports equipment, boats.

Southern Eye

nationalsunglasses day 2014With staff remind them on the benefits of Sunglasses, sunscreen and the damage the sun can do to the eyes. Review The Vision Council’s Reports on UV, Radiation. Reposition your lens and tint displays to offer patients sunglass tint options for maximum performance.

How Sunglasses Work

Educate Your Patients and Consumers on Sun Damage and the Why Wear Sunglasses .

Infographics are a  great way to visually show the damage that sun can do to your eyes. We have lots of UV and sunglass infographics on our Pinterest Board Eye and Health Infographics.





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