TO Do: Prepare For Fathers Day


June 21st is Fathers Day. While this is not the same caliber of spending as in Mothers Day and Valentines Day, consumers will spend $113.80 on gifts for Dad (Source (NRF’s 2014 Fathers Day Spending) Total spending is around $12 Billion. According to the survey, consumers will look for gifts at:

  • Discount stores (28.1%),
  • Online (28.4%)
  • Specialty stores (24.2%);
  • Shopping Local: (16.6 %)


For Eyecare Professionals, the number one choice for Fathers Day is of course a great pair of Sunglasses. Along that line a ‘EyeCare About You in a Box’ program could consist of MicroFiber Clothes, Lens Cleaners, Eyeglass Repair Kits and even Gift Certificates to your store.

Fathers Day

To Market This Event:

  • Let your patients know you are a great source of Fathers Day Gifts.
  • Run Facebook Contests
  • Put up displays, signage and products devoted to Fathers Day.
 by Schlappi'' on Flickr
by Schlappi” on Flickr

Fathers Day

Fathers Day will be here sooner than later.. so lets not forget our Dads, their vision is important too.


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