TO DO: Prepare For Black Friday And Cyber Monday


This year’s Black Friday And Cyber Monday are expected to hit new heights. In fact, rumor has it that many customers will forgo the hassle of Black Friday to shop online Cyber Monday. In Fact:

  • e-commerce accounts for 8% of total US retail sales this year
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 are expected to be the biggest in history online
  • 86% of companies experienced 1 or more episodes of downtime last holiday season
  • Every minute of holiday site downtime costs an avg of $5600/minute
  • 58% of customers will not use a company’s site again after experiencing site errors

Cyber Checklist and Black Monday Checklist:

  • Make sure your website is fully up to date, product uploaded and you have enough bandwidth.
  • Confirm staff schedules, how many do you need on the floor and or ready to man the website? Review your Customer Service policies.. be prepared for changes!
  • Do you have all your best- selling items in stock? For online line and the store.
  • Do you have plenty of Gift items i.e. gift certificates on display?
  • Do you have Stocking Stuffers, arranged around the store and in a special section on your website? Do you have a Album on Facebook called ‘Stocking Stuffers”?
  • Do you have wrapping paper? or or offering a ‘Gift In A Box’ type of pre-wrapped items? Perfect for friends, co-workers, teachers, mailman etc..
  • If you are selling online or in store- what about offering FREE Shipping for the month?
  • Is this a time to offer a discount on ‘Go Away’ items to clean out your inventory?
  • Promote, Promote, and Promote some more; Made a list of all your internal and external marketing options and make sure you hit them all. If you are blogging, post every day on your blog, about Cyber Monday and Black Friday., what products you have and what you are offering.

Remember, the success of Cyber Monday and Black Friday are up to you.. if you are prepared, with the right marketing, the right attitude and putting in the time you will get the most out of your Holiday Shoppers.

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