TO DO: Order Gift Cards


Going into heavy gift season, (December) back to back with Valentines Day (Feb) Gift cards can add additional sales to your bottom line. We think you should offer Gift Cards all year round and be predominately displayed, but barring that, don’t forget Gift Cards for the Holiday Season (Black Friday, Cyber Monday), It takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to get orders, so we recommend you do it now!

Eye Bogglers

  • 6% to 10% of all gift cards go unused
  • 54.9% of surveyed adults over 18 indicating they would like to receive a gift card as a gift
  • 61% bought at least one gift card as a Christmas/Hanukkah gift.
  • 88% of gift card purchasers bought more than one card

So whether you make your own gift cards (paper) or order custom gift cards, don’t forget this valuable resource for additional sales.

You can find custom gift cards

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