Celebrating National Cat Health Month With 15 Vintage Cat-Eye Frames


Just in case you forgot, February is National Cat Health Month, the time to remember to take your cat to the vet for their annual check up. To commemorate Cats and Cat- Eyes we are showcasing some of our favorite vintage frames right meow!

Eyewear enthusiast can rejoice over the day in which we praise the most purrrfect form glasses could ever take: THE CAT EYE.   Cats are superior cognitive problem solvers to dogs.  As such, the cat-eye framed eyeglasses have always carried an essence of supreme intellect that no other shape can touch.


It is crazy to think that some cats have fallen up to 32 stories onto the concrete and survived.  I’d venture to say the Cat Eye frame bears the same resilience. With iconic fans such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe it is no surprise this popular eyewear design has seen many more than nine lives.


Cats are one of the world’s oldest domesticated pets.  In ancient Egypt, when a cat died, an entire family would mourn their beloved pet by shaving off their eyebrows. These zany blue cat eye glasses sure would make for a nice distraction from a face missing brows, don’t ya think?


Did you know that an orange-eyed Cat actually ran for Mayor of the city of Xalapa in eastern Mexico? Perhaps if the mayoral hopeful had these premium cat eye frames by Shuron he would have been the pick of the litter.

cat-eye-1950- blue

Any cat lover knows that no two cats are alike.  Each one has its own inherent look and personality to boot.  Just like their namesake, cat eye frames are often intricate and unique.

cat-eye in white

Cats are known for their variable and mesmerizing colored eyes. Perhaps these snazzy white cat eye sunglasses bedazzled with a spectrum of colorful crystals is an ode to the many shades of eyes of our feline friends.


These vintage Tura glasses are the cat’s meow.  A delicate pearl and gold leaf design is the perfect finishing touch to the quintessential winged edge of a cat-eye frame.


Elsa Schiaparelli was a designer who’s haute couture creations rivaled that of Chanel in her day.  We love these Cat-toure vintage eyeglasses hailing from the House of Schiaparelli.

cat-eye-1950- gold leaf

There is no better place to add embellishments than on the upper corner of the cat-eye frame.  These golden glasses have a design that paws-itively beautiful.


If I could name these frisky Tura shades, I would not call them the Pink Panther.  They’d be the BLINGED Panther.


Cats are known to be regal pets, with royal owners such as Cleopatra and Queen Alexandra, to name a few.  These luxe bejeweled cat eye sunglasses are certainly fit for a queen!

cat-eye-team trof

These cat-eyeglasses feature a shiny, dangly object.  I repeat: SHINY, DANGLY OBJECT. For any cat, or someone who has every known a cat, that is enough said!


How cats interact with other creatures of the animal kingdom remains to be seen on a case by case basis.  I’d say these cat-eye glasses have quite the symbiotic relationship with the colorful crystal butterfly adorning the delicate design.

cat-eye-1950-black stone

When exploring the PAW-some world of cat-eye frames you know an EXTREME pair is sure to be included! I would be weary to cross paths with these audacious black cat-eye sunnies.

Victory Optical
Victory Optical

In 1963, a French cat named Felicette, better known as “Astrocat” was the first to travel to space. Wouldn’t these intricate copper frames by Victory Optical make for the most perfect welcome home gift for the galactic cat?

Paulette Guinet
Paulette Guinet

And the piece de resistance: a tortoise print cat eye frame with cat eye shaped lenses.  You’ve got to be kitten me!

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