Thrifty Thursday- FREE CE- Optical Reordering


We sometimes miss FREE stuff- but VisionWeb, ever on the alert for Cheap And Free  sent us this information on FREE CE,  from their new blog! ‘You have to get your CE credits, right? Why not get them for free? (We love things that are free!) Here’s some info on a free course available through 20/20 Magazine.


Optical e-Ordering, It’s About Time- By Mark Mattison-Shupnick, ABOM

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the opportunities that can be achieved by adding electronic ordering to optical.
  2. When choosing an e-ordering system, understand the most important component parts.
  3. Learn how colleagues’ experiences can add to your ease of implementation.

Also Vision Web Blog, just informed us of the EyeLearn,  a new project called EyeLearn from the American Optometric Association a few months ago. It’s essentially one spot to manage all of your online learning and Continuing Education, and it’s powered by CE provided to EyeLearn by AOA State Affiliates.


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