The Weekly Retail Experience


I don’t subscribe to many online newsletters. The ones I do subscribe to are inspirational and have great usable information. One newsletter that I actually read and thoroughly enjoy is The Weekly Retail Experience by Doug Fleener of the Dynamic Experience Group.

As an example- the last couple of newsletter topics were: 

  • Maximize Your Post Holiday Opportunities– great tips on Identifying, Influencing and Intercepting customers. Good reminders of keeping customers in the store and maximizing your opportunities.
  • Crazy Busy or Crazy the Store is so Slow- Great tips on  “turn the browsers into buyers and the register into singers”. Good sales tips, some important verbiage to use with customers
  • Wednesday Musings: Maximizing Downtime, !!!!, and Other Holiday Stuff – Everybody has downtime- but this article talked about creative ways to use downtime.

We all need reminders, hints, ideas on ways to do business, especially in today’s market. I would definitely check out The Weekly Retail Experience, subscribe to it and our blog (  as well! If you are overcome with weekly email updates, then assign a staff person to read and report to the office at a staff meeting. It can lead to good discussions, improvement of your retail business as well as a great team building experience.

Kala Mid Page