The Virtual Optician


Way back in August of 2009, we did a post on How To Sell Eyewear, Lessons from HSN. We have also talked about YouTube, and if you plug in optical, eyeglasses, sunglasses, lasik, optometrist in YouTube, 1,000’s of hits will come up. To be honest with you, most are pretty boring and do they sell eyewear?? We get the branding, we get the SEO, we get the presence, but how do you romance one particular frame style and create a demand for your products. This can be an especially good way to compete against all competition.

Eyes Of Faith just started on their website a ‘Virtual Optician’, which I think is an excellent concept for every eyecare office. Instead of just saying, here is our office come and see us,  they pick one product and create a story about that eyewear product. Featuring Amy Schneider an optician in a previous life, she does a good job of increasing an awareness of Eyes Of Faith Eyewear.

To View The Video:

  • First Go To Eyes Of Faith
  • Click Collection
  • Click on A Frame Style
  • At the bottom, Click on Virtual Optician– Note how she explains the colors, the stained glass look and I really like the way she handles the product, like it’s a precious stone

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