The Value Of Twitter Lists


A recent discussion with Optical Women came up about Twitter and Twitter Lists. A Twitter List is a way for you to categorize/ group your followers and or people you are interested in. You can even follow other peoples Twitter lists .

To start on a Twitter List; Go to your Twitter Icon on the top of the right side of the page. Click for the drop down menu. Click Lists and from there it is pretty easy to set up.

Twitter List Drop Down

If you haven’t been doing this from the start, it might take awhile to go through your followers to set them up. Once established, it is easy to maintain. Every time you follow someone or they are following you, you just add them to the list.

You can make the list public for all to see, or private for your own viewing pleasure.

Twitter- Add to list

If you are an eyecare professional, you might want your lists to be: online eyewear companies,(Private) non-profits and organizations, (Public) trade magazines, blogs, (Public) your competition (Private) vendors (Public),  eye health and local news (Public) and us of course! (Optigirls)

Another advantage of list is you can follow other peoples lists if they are public. For instance, Optical Women has 17 public lists, that you can follow.

Twitter Optical Women

The advantage of lists are numerous, but mainly it helps to cut through the chatter. For instance if you want to see what your online competition is doing, just click on that particular list and their Tweets will show up.  I will tell you, this makes it so easy to track and come up with news and things to tweet about .

Twitter- List Timeline-Online

Finding Public lists that you might want to follow may be a challenge. If a list is private, you won’t see it. Many people may not have done lists, so could be a crapshoot. Hunt and peck through your followers and slowly build your lists.
Should the lists be public or private? If  you want others to follow your lists, make them public. If you want to follow the competition or other personal interests make them private. It is really up to you.
Lastly, review your Twitter lists regularly. In doing this post, I realized how the information I want to hear today is very different from when I started the list years ago. Lists are valuable resources and a quick way to see what is happening in the world…
In review.. make a note to visit your Twitter List on a regular basis. I know it is easy to do, but like all Social Media, need to be reviewed consistently.
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