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I saw this report, The Sate of Optometry white paper from First Vision Media Group just before the holidays started and had planned to do an article. However, as I started looking at it I saw that it is more than one article as there is a lot of interesting information plus new research! It  includes video and audio pods, plus a reader survey.

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I am particularly interested in what the OD’s had to say in the Opti-Research of 662 practicing optometrists survey about Optometry as a business and how it met their expectations as we have been doing our own interviews recently. Here is part of it:

“Based on the stated desire of today’s practitioners, optometry has proven to be a healthcare profession in practice, which is likely the reason only 5.14% of respondents chose “income potential” in the Opti-Research survey as their reason for becoming an optometrist. Their practice is a business second while being first and foremost a healthcare provider. Still much of their revenue comes from dispensing products. Many OD’s have chosen not to sell eyewear and to affiliate as sublease or franchise Drs. (like the FirstSight Vision doctors we recently interviewed – See Inside the Box! The OD Next to Walmart Talks to OVS)

Many other ODs who are not affiliated with a branded optical chain make a large part of their revenue and income from selling the products that they prescribe. Their dispensaries look and act like retailers of eyewear. Like retail optical chains, they are operating multiple locations with well-stocked, well-displayed dispensaries.

Those OD’s in practice five years or fewer were far less inclined to say that the profession had not met their expectations than those practicing between 11 and 20 years (about 13% vs. 18% for the older group). The biggest issues for this less satisfied group of ODs are grappling with a growing managed care patient base and achieving acceptable personal income levels – more so than for their younger or older peers.”

To read more, take the survey, see the videos etc. please go to this link:

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