The Spec Lifter Is Designed By An Optometrist


Opticians and Optometrists are in a unique position to design, market and sell a variety of products that fit visual needs. One optometrist, Jim Hamilton, invented a handy little gadget called the Visual Align Specs Lifter. The Specs lifter is placed on the nose to lift the eyeglasses up to better see a computer screen.

An interesting gadget we think and we love the fact it is made in America.


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  1. Hi Cathy – this is a spoof right !!! This chap must have produced this as an “April Fools’ Day ” Joke or the American equivalent surely …… he has been watching to many Steve Martin films …. namely the film “The Jerk” ……. please tell me I’m wrong – Surely he hasn’t copyrighted this has he ? Suggest you watch the film !!!

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