The Skinny On Facebook Advertising


-facebook-fitYou’ve no doubt seen a big increase in the ads on your Facbook timeline. Facebook is capitalizing on the 1.3 billion people who access the social media site every month with lots and lots of ads. During recent quarterly earnings reports, Facebook hit it out of the park while Google showed some disappointing results.

Why? Mobile advertising. More and more people are accessing their Facebook accounts on their smartphones and Facebook is doing a great job deliver ads to those hundreds of millions of mobile users.

Facebook has tremendous results for some and less than mediocre results for others. We can say the same thing for every advertising medium, whether TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoor or other online digital mediums. For the most part, it is how you use the medium, what you are trying to say on the medium, and how you present that information. We’ve all seen TV ads that have us talking for weeks afterwards and those we forget 5 minutes after they have aired. Every eyecare business has a similar story, X media worked wonderfully for practice A and it bombed for practice B.

I recently had a ninety-minute “boot-camp” teleconference with the Facebook Global Marketing Solutions Department on some new ways to Facebook has to reach your target market. We pulled the email list we’ve been gathering for one of our client stores in a new market and uploaded them to Facebook. Out of the 550 email addresses, Facebook found 340 people who used the same addresses on Facebook or roughly 60% of the list. We then asked Facebook’s computers to find a “Lookalike” audience based on the LIKES and DEMOGRAPHICS of our email audience within a 25 mile radius of the metro area which added another 250,000 people, but more targeted people than previous campaigns.

In a one week period promoting page likes with a sunglass campaign (no sales or events), we increased our page LIKES almost 50% and have reached over 10,000 people for a total cost of just over  $180. Best of all, we had a good weekend in sales. I certainly can’t attribute the sales to our Facebook campaign, we do a lot of other marketing as well, but it’s a good sign of something worth monitoring and building upon.

Daniel Feldman, is CEO of dba designs and a co-founder to the Visionaries Group, an optical consulting firm specializing in helping eye care practices achieve success.

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