The Rimless Revolution


Many years ago in a galaxy far way (1970’s-1980’s) there were two rimless revolutions. The first was the disruptive innovation of the nylon ‘wire’  (Nylor) by Logo in the 1970’s. The second was the Rimless Faceted Polaris eyeglasses in the 1980’s. Both revolutionized rimless, one for a fashion look and the other was functionality.

Vintage Luxottica combination drill mount and faceted frame. 1980's. Image AllynScura. com
Vintage Luxottica combination drill mount and faceted frame. 1980’s. Mt Olympus Style Image AllynScura. com

Prior to that time rimless was the classic drill mount using screws, that had been used for a couple of hundred years. Shapes tended to be square, oval, round or a sporty octogon.

After the 1980’s full rimless went on a downward trend. People converted to semi-rimless with the nylon cord.

About five years ago, two things happened in the world or full rimless: First is the trend of customization. The consumer wants their own individual i.e. ‘personalized’ look . With a full rimless eyeglass they could get any shape they desired. Add in custom lens tints and a person can have a whole new ‘me’.

The second is eyewear on the Runways. Full rimless eyewear started showing up in runways around 2012. The styling: unusual colors and shapes. The look has gone viral due to Social Media.

The onset we like started with Marni in for Spring Summer 2013. A full rimless sunglass were in triangular shape using screws .

Marni SS14
Marni SS14- Image Credit Unknown

Fall-Winter 2014: Felder Felder showed us via Silhouette, how to make a full rimless into a  colored eyeglass. You would never guess this was a full rimless.. and the worksmanship!

Felder and Felder 2014
Felder and Felder FW2014; Image courtesy of Silhouette
Felder Felder via Silhouette FW 2014
Felder Felder via Silhouette FW 2014

Spring Summer 2015: Thomas Taitt oversized dramatic tinted and clear cat-eyes without temples were a little surprising.. how did they keep these on? Prince Nez eyewear circe 2015

Thomas Taitt SS15
Thomas Taitt SS15; Image credit unknown
Thomas Tat SS 15
Thomas Tait SS 15


Spring Summer 2015: Thom Browne Sunglass launched flowery daring shapes with mirrored lenses .

Thom Browne SS15
Thom Browne SS15
Thom Browne SS15
Thom Browne SS15 Image credits unknown

Desigual Ready to Wear Spring 2015 picked up the rimless with a red heart design. Heart shaped eyewear has never gone out of style.

Desigual RTW Spring 2015
Desigual RTW Spring 2015

Spring Summer 2016: Giamba collection introduced a stars and heart version with flash mirror coatings.

Giamba SS16
Giamba SS16 Image Credit unknown

Spring Summer 2016: Todd Synder is another rimless frame by Silhouette. Anchored with a innovation double top bar, the lens treatment is truly revolutionary.

Todd Snyder

Silhouette didn’t stop there…. Wes Gordon for Silhouette round rimless look also for Spring Summer 2016

Wes Gordon SS16
Wes Gordon SS16
Wes Gordon_Spring Summer 2016
Wes Gordon For Silhouette Spring Summer 2016

Spring Summer 2016: Chanel in another mask look brought back the mask with bold mirrored flash mirror coatings. This cannot be Rx’d.

Chanel SS2016
Chanel SS2016

Fall Winter 2015-16- Giambattista continued with the rimless in an oversized round shape.

Giambattista Vallai FW 2015-16
Giambattista Valli FW 2015-16

In another surprise move, Chanel’s Ready to Wear Fall-Winter 2016 brings back the drill mount faceted frame.

Chanel Ready To Wear Fall 2016
Chanel Ready To Wear Fall 2016

As we said above, full rimless comes in every imaginable shape and color.

Ground Zero FW 2016
Ground Zero FW 2016
Sao Paulo FW 16
Sao Paulo FW 16

In investigating the full rimless trend further, we found Dream Optical on Facebook, who has created remarkable custom rimless.

Dream Optical as seen on Facebook
Dream Optical as seen on Facebook

Then we found Leggerissimi out of Italy who is doing some custom work.


And Tom’s Design from Germany. His collections are separated into three categories, Classic, Avante-Garde and Schmuck.


Micromega from Venice, Italy has been creating statement rimless eyewear for years.

Image Micromega
Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon

Many of you may be familiar with Paul Garcia, who has been customizing lenses for many years and has been featured in the trade magazines

custom rimless- button -2
Paul Garcia

If you are not doing custom rimless in-house, check out these labs who can do it for you.

  • Luzerne Optical Lab (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) has the equipment and the lab people that can make any lens shape.
  • Luxe Laboratory (Anaheim, California) they also repair and clean up old frames.


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