The New Photochromatic Lenses


Over the last several years you have probably noticed more Transitions Lens ads on TV. I would guess (and I don’t know this for sure) that this is the omen of things to come… Lens Wars. Transitions photochromatic patent was ending and they needed to go direct to the consumer to build the brand. Smart thinking on their part and a boon for eyecare professionals. It built an awareness and demand for photo-chromatic lenses.

That said, this is a huge opportunity for eyecare professionals to open a conversation about lens companies, lenses, types, uses and benefits, quality and the patient’s needs and wants. ECP’s have many choice today to explore lens options.

Well I just had to try of one of the new Photochromatic- Lens from IOT. (Indizen Optical Technologies) This new lens is called NeoChromes Dynamic and I am impressed. The lens is everything that was promised: turns dark fast, gets dark enough and best of all turns lighter faster. You can see by the image the difference and how fast it can change. This is in less than 2 minutes.


Left: Lens with Transitions Right: Neochromes by IOT

For those who are not familiar with IOT, IOT is an independent lens company from Spain. In 2010, they partnered with Younger Optics, another independent lens company in the United States. IOT is noted for their freeform designs, particularly the Camber Lens as seen above. If you are interested in seeing more ask your local independent lab for more information.


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