The Modern Marketeer: Part Scientist and Part Artist


About six years ago for a very short time, marketing got really easy for eye care professionals. No more $3,000 a month yellow page ads, no more direct mail pieces, all you had to do was put up a Facebook page, dabble in Twitter and do some email blasts… If you were a bigger office, you may have hired a PR firm to send press releases and maybe had a marketing person on staff..

Those days are way over. The Marketing person is now a schizophrenic combination of Artist, Scientists, Writer, Comedian, Analysts, Social Media expert, Eker (makes do with less) Graphic Pro and a lot more.

TOVS- MarketingI bring this up..  because it is something for eyecare professionals to consider when they are evaluating their marketing. Eyecare Professionals are experts in Eyes and Eye Health. Marketing Mavens are experts in getting you found on the Internet and marketing. You would not expect to do their own eye exams, as they would not expect you to be marketing experts.

Something to think about.




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