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Over the last several months several things have happened which prompted the Luxury Eyewear Forum on Facebook to fight back. The growth of ‘Showrooming‘, Warby LEF-LogoParker Press and of course the 60 Minute Story. Taking matters into their own hands the LEFers under Louis Fullager started a website called the Luxury Eyewear Forum.

The purpose is multi-fold and while primarily for eyecare professionals, it provides an educational and informative tool for consumers. It lets them know they have options as to both eyecare products and where to buy them. It lets them know they can buy product that is ‘not in their plan.” More importantly it helps to explain the age old question, Why are glasses so expensive?.

I think this is a good thing, especially as a eyecare retailer. We receive 2-3 consumer requests a week for products on our site Optical VisionResources. That site is meant to be a consumer friendly- eyecare professional product and new updates. I know that the Luxury Eyewear Forum, will receive at least that many and more from their site.

There is several parts to the site. Not only do they feature indie eyewear companies, Nikki DiBacco is interviewing independent optical professionals to get their stories, has a ‘job site’ for both reps and retailers, trade show information.

Bottom line- if you are carrying indie niche product and or want to carry specialty eyewear, check it out and meet some of the reps and companies that comprise the higher end eyewear marketplace.


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  1. @Cathy- now a days sunglasses has become the fashion for noot only youths but for aged person also . not only it protects our eyes from the UV rays but also looks fashionable.

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  3. There are about 300 possible. Are you looking for the jewelry type of design? The same type of price point? For Jeweled look. Let me put my thinking cap on and give you some suggestions

  4. Where Cathy thinks that there are 300 possible, i think there are none at all, but i guess i am looking into it as a designer 😉
    I think if i would have to pick some brands, Dita and Montblanc would come closest.. Not close, but closest 😉

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