The Launch Of A New Dry Eye Education Resource

533, a subscription-based education website that helps ophthalmology and optometry practices understand how to identify, diagnose, and treat patients with Dry Eye Disease, is now online. is built on content developed for Dry Eye University, a leading education program that has trained more than 1,000 eye care practices from around the world in Dry Eye Disease management. Dry Eye University was created by clinicians and staff at Bowden Eye & Associates in Jacksonville, FL, and has held multiple programs each year since 2014. consists of more than 25 clinical learning modules, white papers, case studies, diagnostic and therapeutic product overviews, implementation protocols, and information that includes everything from staff training to financing. Future modules will extend beyond clinical information to present education, insights, and resources that address the business challenges and patient education needs that are unique to Dry Eye Disease.

According to Patti Barkey, a founder of, Chief Executive Officer of Bowden Eye & Associates, and ASOA board member, “Dry Eye Disease is multifactorial and demands the right protocols, products, and people in your practice to be successful. will help members create a path forward that works for the practice and helps eye care patients who are suffering with this chronic, progressive condition.”

Today, Dry Eye Disease is gaining more attention as more diagnostic tools and treatments are coming to market. With the launch of, registered members are kept abreast of the latest resources to properly identify, diagnose, and treat the more than 33 million Americans suffering from Dry Eye Disease.* Statistically, 7 out of 10 patients sitting in an eye care waiting room could benefit from Dry Eye Disease management.

Because of the way Dry Eye Disease touches every aspect of eye care, is supported by four distinct advisory boards, representing multiple stakeholders in eye care: an ophthalmology board, an optometry board, an administrator board, and a board composed of leaders from different eye care companies. The input from these expert panels will help to guide content and direction of Richard Adler, MD, one of the first ophthalmologists to align with said, “The merger of eye care providers, administrators, and industry to help guide this initiative is unique and exciting and should help to ensure that meets the needs of all those connected to Dry Eye, especially patients.”

Complex and often complicated to diagnose, ophthalmologists and optometrists are looking for more education about the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye Disease. Unprecedented in eye care, Dry Eye Access was created for the eye care community with funding by the eye care industry to be a comprehensive education resource supporting a unified approach to all things Dry Eye. Dry Eye Access provides members with step-by-step guidelines on how to begin implementing and integrating a Dry Eye screening, diagnosis, and management program within ophthalmology and optometry practices.


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†Data on file, Dry Eye University.

Kala Mid Page