The Importance of Lighting


I was reading an article about the importance of lighting in one of my favorite magazines San Diego Home and Garden. LED lighting has made a big difference to the effects that can be created. See what it can do to the Coronado Bridge here in in San Diego. Five top designers talk about the importance of illumination in the home and I thought all of it applied to retail, especially optical retail!

Here are some of the top designers quotes, they are good food for thought:

  • “By spending a few extra dollars on lighting and controls you can achieve custom-level pizazz”
  • “Plan your ambient, task and accent lighting schemes during construction or remodeling”
  • “Don’t use recessed lighting everywhere, lighting creates mood, highlights features you want to emphasize and helps you perform tasks.
  • Using the right combination of light sources can turn a dull space into a dazzler”

The article really emphasized the need for using the right kind of lighting in different areas and how important it is and it reminded me that many optical retailers could benefit with a little help from the the pros.

Fashion Optical Display SRT Comparison

Fashion Optical Displays are experts on lighting for the optical retail environment and really emphasis the need to reduce shadow when displaying frames. The company  researched and patented the Shadow Reduction Technology (SRT) that virtually eliminates any shadows on the frame panels. Fashion Optical Displays’ utilizes the SRT panels with the company’s premier Concorde Frame Support System. When the crystal clear Concorde is combined with the SRT panels, eyewear appears to be floating in mid-air. (See illustration on the right). As Barbara Wright, President of Barbara Wright Design states, “A shadowless frame display? Frankly, I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. It works like magic!”

For more information about the panels with Shadow Reduction Technology and the Concorde frame supports  please visit Fashion Optical Displays online at


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