The Future of Wearable Tech Infographic


The Future is now and wearable tech is the new frontier. It will change each of our lives, whether we like it or now, whether we embrace or not.  Smart Cars, Smart Glasses, Smart Watches, Smart Shoes, Smart Houses, Smart Clothing.. everything is become so smart, we just might be getting dumber as technology starts to take over our lives.

In the future, an app will be monitoring your health. In future none of us will have to learn to drive, the smart cars will drive us everywhere, including the low vision. In the future our clothing will contain chargers and notifications and our beds will tell us how we sleep and our toothbrushes will detect cavities. We will not have to listen to our bodies.. our devices will do it for us.. It is pretty amazing.. and to a certain extent sad.

This infographic is a mild taste of what our future holds in store for us.


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