The Freebie Mentality


A patient walks in and asks if you ‘Can just look at my eye’  ‘Can you fix my glasses’, all with the expectation that you should do it for free. You post a question or make a comment about it on a forums.. and the peer responses are NO.. your time is worth something..  NO don’t do it.. take their insurance, NO.. they will always expect it.. NO don’t do it…. CHARGE them this fee.. You can CODE for this..

I just want to say something about this, everybody wants something for FREE. People will line up for blocks for a FREE stuff. People will sign up for anything and give their emails away for FREE stuff. Why.. because we are trained that FREE Stuff is good and we are trained to ask for FREE Stuff. Doctors are especially open to the Freebie Mentality. They open an office and the reps start showing up with lots of FREE stuff. Product samples, eyeglasses, lenses, free lunches. Ask your pharm rep for Free Samples, my nephew set up my website for FREE, I expect my reps to take me to Lunch or bring it in Free for my staff.

My question is why do you DIS your patients for asking for the same thing?

We consumers have been in training in the Fremimun and Sharing (FREE) Economy. We need something free- we go to FreeCycle or Craigslist’s FREE Stuff, We Swap Houses,  We Ride Share, We partake in Gift With Purchases, we utilize FREE Shipping when we buy online. We sign up for all the FREE programs, (Google, Wikipedia, Hulu, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest) We look for FREE Website and servers. Each of us is trained in finding FREE Stuff. Nothing wrong with it, there is plenty of FREE stuff to go around…


Think back to when the last time you expected, wanted and received something for free? One of the reason I go to my out of pocket dermatologist is the amount of free samples I receive. My Eye Doctor has given my free stuff including FREE Eye Exam. I take my car in, I get FREE Stuff, how many times have somebody given us a service or something for FREE. How many times has that FREE Stuff generated income either by loyalty or patient referrals.

But what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Don’t be insulted, offended and pissed off if your patients expect and want free stuff. They don’t care what your overhead is, what your student debt might be. I am not saying to give away the store, but if a patient comes in and says there is something wrong with my eye, you can take 2 minutes for a quick look. If it warrants addition service, ask them if they have insurance and let them know that you will charge. A quick look won’t cost anything but good vibes.

If they are unwilling to pay extra, refer them to an emergency room. But take the quick look.

Yes, there will always be abusers, people that will take advantage of you, but most people will appreciate it, send more patients and be a long term loyal customer.. for FREE.





Aspire MidPage June 19


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