The County Fair – Is This Your Retail Optical Competition?


I just went to the San Diego County Fair as I like to check out the garden displays for ideas and the wacky stuff for sale in the commercial tents. Sometimes I even buy a new gadget. This year I was amazed at how much eyewear there was on display. Usually it is just cheap knock off sunglasses but there seemed to more reading and bi-focal product for sale and the offer of providing Rx lenses online.

This particular sunglass and reader vendor was in several locations around the fair and had a steady stream of customers, whether or not they were buying optical quality product, the fact is that this is your retail optical competition when the county fair, or a similar event, is in town! The prices are low and the foot traffic is good.

Know when and where your competition is so you can be prepared with knowledgeable answers and questions for the optical consumer, be ready to tell them about the pros and cons of “stick on bifocals” and why it might be better to have an optical quality pair of sun readers with guaranteed UV protection. Have good quality optical accessories available for add on sales opportunities as well for that customer that is looking for a quick fix, they may come back for a complete eyewear sale.

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