Ten Fun Sunwear Storage Hacks


Did you know that March is National Craft Month? To celebrate this annual, DIY, D-Eye-Y event and present our annual and favorite Sunglass (Eyewear) Storage Hacks. Most of these are from recycled materials. You can view more on our Pinterest Board Fun Sunglass-Eyeglass Storage Ideas 

For those who live by any bodies of water or collect driftwood, this storage idea made with driftwood is a tree huggers delight. Re-using old wood, drilling a few holes for a metal thread, to hand your sunglasses on.


Soar away with this Avian-Delightful birdcage hack. Cut out a side of a bird cage and hang your eyeglasses. Artistic, innovation, fun and practical.

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For trash and vintage collectors old wooden storage spaces like this on the wall can be used for more than shoes or scarves. Perfect to show off your eyewear and sunwear collection.


This is an old window remade into a sunglass rack. You could also use an old medicine cabinet or suitcase as well.

Image Credit unknown:Pinterest
Image Credit unknown:Pinterest

A simple chain.. take it from your old snow tires, maybe an old belt or bike change. Put a nail and voila and dripping cascade of eyewear.


From Ikea Hacks with a How To Tutorial. This Op-Art creation can be done with a piece of tile, linoleum and wood. A little string and you have a Cats- Cradle effect.


Another idea came via Ikea Hacks, but, any metalwork grill from ovens to BBQ’s would work for this. A great reuse idea.


Using nails and a ribbon this sunglass display is easy to do.

Image Credit unknown. Pinterest
Image Credit unknown. Pinterest

This was taken by Eye Respect in New York. Suit case with hooks, makes an interesting display that turns eyewear into a work of art. A great re-use for those suit bags

Eye Respect, Liberty Fair, NY, NY
Eye Respect, Liberty Fair, NY, NY


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