Ten Eyecare Ways To Have Fun With Photobombing

Southland Optometrist, YELP Site titled Photobombed again

I watched a Celebrity Apprentice where the celebs had to do a PhotoBomb with HashTags for a promotion with Hawaiian Bread. I thought they did a pretty bad job of it, but I am not a marketing expert, this was TV and it was for charity.

I loved The concept although. Eyecare professionals can utilize photo-bombing for various promotions in their own practice.

  1. #PhotoBomb contests for free glasses.

    Southland Optometrist, YELP Site titled Photobombed again
    Southland Optometrist, YELP Site titled Photobombed again
  2. #PhotoBomb contests for donation to your favorite charity or even for World Site Day.
  3. #PhotoBomb a Trunk Show, bring their friends and be posting on FB.
  4. #PhotoBomb a new Ad Campaign
  5. #PhotoBomb any vacations with your patients wearing their glasses/sunglasses.
  6. #PhotoBomb a First Day of School
  7. #Photobomb with just new patients with their new glasses
  8. #Have staff do a weekly Photobomb and put on Facebook and even Yelp.
  9. #Photobomb, where are we around your city and area.
  10. #Photobomb, mirror coatings and reflections.

All sorts of ideas and with the lots of Holidays coming up, it leaves a huge amount of fun engaging opportunities.

For those who don’t know what a photo bomb is, it is when you spoil a picture of something or person by having an unexpected appearance of a person or thing. It is usually a practical joke of some sort. To find some examples of photobombs see Top 25 Photobombs 


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