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Electronic Eyewear From Pixel

We have blogged on technology based eyewear over the past year. This important new category of hi-tech eyeglasses has usually been distributed by gadget companies as MyVu. Calvin Klein was the first to enter into the designer arena with a USB port eyewear, then Tri-Specs was at VEW, now Pixel with Aspex Eyewear  has entered into the technology based eyeglass market with an ‘Electronic Spectacle’ allowing the wearer to automatically focus when reading by use of a battery. The features are as following:

  • Focus as fast as you can blink your eye
  • Provide an invisible electronic near focus zone when desired
  • Offer three modes of operation: automatic, manual on, manual off
  • Provide wider fields of view compared to a progressive addition lens
  • Allow for less distortion than a progressive addition lens
  • Provide vision correction for all ranges of sight:  far, near, and in between
  • Allow you to turn near reading power off when desired
  • Rechargeable hidden battery

Now I will tell you why I think the optical professional should embrace this lucrative new and emerging market.

  1. We did a post on on MicroVision and received 3 requests for more information and to purchase. We don’t sell the product, but if we did, that would be 3 additional sales.
  2. This is the future of eyecare technology, why not get into it now and enhance reputation for having the latest
  3. Cash business, no managed care and appeals to people that don’t wear eyeglasses, great gift item and impulse buys.
  4. Why let online sellers take potential eyecare profits from you?
  5. Opens new markets
  6. Provides Competitive Edge

Think about it, it could provide new patients and additional profits to your bottom line.

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  1. Electronic frames will be available in wire (metal), zyl (plastic), rimless and rimmed- Got that from their site, don’t know on colors yet, assuming one will be brown and the metal in a gold and silver

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