Take CVO Wherever You Go Contest Winners


ClearVision Optical runs many fun contests. Several months ago they ran a ‘Take CVO Wherever You Go‘ Contest in which their customers were invited to send pictures of them wearing Clearvision glasses or swag.

This could be a really fun type of promotion that eyecare providers can do as well with your patients. Halloween costumes wearing products from you, decorated Christmas Trees, vacations, skiing, you name it. Could be a fun. For those who get Westways, the AAA magazine, they run a picture every month of a person showing the magazine on some trip. I always look!

Here they are the winners!

Holiday Island Eye Clinic, Holiday Island, AR CVO Swag Winner – Best Participation (7 entries on behalf of Christine Jones) The practice will receive free shipping on Rx orders placed through December 31, 2015, compliments of ClearVision Optical.


Christina Clark Jones Holiday Island Eye Clinic and Lisa Wyatt

Christina Clark Jones Holiday Island Eye Clinic Mug Swag

Christina Clark Jones Holiday Island Eye Clinic Nascar

Christina Clark Jones Holiday Island Eye Clinic Zombies

Christina Clark Jones Holiday Island Eye Clinic

Holiday Island Eye Clinic in Holiday Island, AR, was started nearly 20 years ago by Dr. Andy Langston. This practice has four employees including Dr. Langston; his wife, Debby, who is a technician for the practice; Irma Mathis, who handles the bookkeeping and insurance processing; and Christine Jones, who does a little bit of everything including optical, contact lenses, and managing the front desk.  Located in a retirement community, this friendly practice offers good quality, old fashioned care. We recently spoke with Christine, who told us her favorite things about the practice.

“I’m blessed to say that I have the best job in the county,” says Christine.”I love coming to work every day. It’s the first job I’ve ever had where my boss thanks me for everything I’ve done before I leave every day. It’s absolutely amazing.”

One of the things Christine likes most about the practice is that they treat everyone as their neighbors, and patients are treated with care. In fact, although the practice is only open three days per week, Dr. Langston spends as much time as necessary with his patients, setting aside at least an hour for each. This also gives Christine the opportunity to visit with patients and learn more about the people in the community.

“There is so much history in our little community,” says Christine. “I’ve spoken to patients who have served in World War II and those who’ve worked for the FBI. I’ve even met a patient whose ancestor had worked for the US Treasury and signed a dollar bill.”

The care doesn’t stop within the practice, however. Dr. Langston and his team also help their patients with other things they need, from help weeding their yards, to recommendations for services their practice does not provide. Dr. Langston and his wife also donate their time once a month to a local clinic outside of Holiday Island, providing eye exams for those in the community who cannot afford eye care.

“From the care we provide our patients, to the closeness we share, our practice truly is a family” says Christine. “I hope Dr. Langston never retires!”

West Sacramento Family Eyecare  is the Winner: Most Creative Entry. Jen Villa submitted three entries on behalf of the practice; the practice will receive a Sunwear Style Out, compliments of ClearVision Optical.

Jen Villa CVOSwag Winner

Jen Villa West Sacramento

West Sacramento Family Eyecare

Founded in 1953, West Sacramento Family Eyecare, it was taken over by in 1992 by Matthew Wampler, OD. Serving West Sacramento and Sacramento counties, they offer a large selection of frames to meet the needs of their patient demographic, carrying over 100 brands including BCBGMAXAZRIA, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, Oakley, Gucci, Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, Juicy Couture, and Guess, to name a few. Contact lenses are also offered. A “Kids Corner” provides a complete inventory of branded children’s frames; trained opticians are experienced with fitting children.

According to Jennifer Villa of West Sacramento Family Eyecare, the best thing about the practice is how the staff and patients really do feel like family.

“We have the most knowledgeable and friendly staff,” says Jennifer. “We treat each patient like they are family. Serving the community for as long as we have, our reputation stands for itself.”

Visit West Sacramento Family Eyecare at www.drwampler.com 

Point Of View Optical  Syracuse, NY #CVOSwag winner – Most Unique (submitted by Renee Krajcar, optician) (Sorry no image) Received a ClearVision swag bag.

Located on Syracuse University in upstate New York, Point of View Optical has been serving the university community for more than 25 years. Owned by Dr. Karen Winters since 1992, this private practice has a staff of four, including two opticians and an office manager, who ensure that thousands of patients see a little better, one eye at a time.

Offering complete eye examinations, contact lenses and eyeglasses, Point of View Optical carries a selection of collections to fit every age range imaginable. The staff is very eager to please its diverse college population! They particularly love the challenge of difficult contact lens and eyeglass fits.

According to Renee Krajcar, one of the opticians of Point of View Optical, the best thing about the practice is the friendly team itself. “We have a very accomplished doctor who is a published author, as well as opticians with over 20 years experience,” says Renee. “And our front desk manager has the best personality ever.”

Point of View Optical also does a considerable amount of philanthropic work, donating to local organizations and getting involved in the community. The practice is currently working to engage the university students by finding out what organizations they like, and learning about charitable events in which they can participate. One of the opticians also volunteers with the local AF base FRG.

Visit Point of View Optical on Facebook and pointofviewopticalsyracuse.com

Point of View Optical

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