Super Systems Optical Technologies is Now Super Optical International


New Logo International 2Cincinnati, OH – June 2015 – Super Optical International, known previously as Super Systems Optical Technologies, has updated their name and logo. As the leader in technology and supplies for in-office optical solutions since 1923, Super Optical International has spent the last year making upgrades to their product lines and website to meet the ever growing demands of the optical market. The new name will still reflect the same quality products and service their customers have come to expect. Super Optical is also expanding a few of their lines in the future.

John Corsini, president of Super Optical International commented, “Over the last 90 years we have prided ourselves on always staying ahead of the industry to enable our customers to remain competitive and profitable. We wanted a more succinct name and cleaner look to align with our new streamline product offering and International presence.”

FastGrind, made exclusively by Super Optical International, has also been a staple of the optical industry for over 20 years using proven technology that withstands the test of time. As the only in-office lens surfacing system of its kind, FastGrind offers independent practices the ability to make digital progressives and other lens designs in 5 sq. ft. using only tap water and standard electric. FastGrind is also used by the U.S. Military and approved as an “in-house” EyeMed lab.

As Super Optical International continues to change, they will maintain their commitment to looking out for the independent Eyecare professionals, as they have done for over 90 years. The debut of their new name and logo will tie together all the upgrades made over the last year, as well as, incorporate the same strong values they have held since the beginning.

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