Super Sugar Spex: Eyewear Made From Sugar


We have seen eyewear made from bioplastics, recycled skateboard decks, human hair, beach trash, bamboo, wood, animal teeth and now eyewear made from sugar..

Studio giffin’termeer (jess griffin + jim termeer) has created a ‘sugar frames’ installation, shortlisted in a design competition hosted
by DA japan architects association in association with food guide publishers ZAGAT (and promoted by designboom) for
tokyo designers week container exhibition 2011. it is an investigation into the growth of products through biological processes and
of the way we grow food. using sugar’s ability to crystallize itself onto a scaffold, the designers actually grow a series of consumer
products, taking the basic form of a camera, watch, bracelet, and eyeglasses.



Read the full story, how he did it here at Design Bloom

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  1. I really Love Garcia’s eyewear I change the color of my glasses daily fit what I’m wearing I currently have over 20 pairs

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