Stress And Eye Health-Opportunities For Eyecare Professionals.

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Epicor For Stress Reduction and Eye Health
I got these pictures of the latest in platforms shoes and wanted to use them in a post so bad, then we recieved our Friday Pearl From Biosyntrx about Stress and Eye Health and I thought- these shoes would be so stressful to wear, my feet would hurt, my back would hurt, I would be a nervous wreck waiting to fall, plus the whole what to wear (the most stressful part) and being 5’11 how much would I tower over people, my eyes would be twitching, my my knees would be shaking UGH ! After reading Biosyntrx’s article on stress and Eye Health, I now know I could wear this shoes and know that Epi-Cor will be helping me behind the scenes overcoming my stress!

From The Friday Pearl From Biosyntrx (we highly recommend this blog)

‘A number of our customers have asked us why we include an immune system modulator in our eye-health-management product line. Our answer: an improperly nourished immune system eventually affects ocular health and vision.

The immune system is particularly sensitive to the stresses of normal, every day life. Overwork,

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financial problems, change in diet and poor sleep can cause imbalances in the immune system that can dramatically affect overall health, including eye health.

Studies published in early 2009 suggest that 75% of the U.S. adult population endures moderate to high stress and it’s most likely even higher than that at this point in time. This is taking a tremendous toll on mental and physical health. Health management during extended periods of high stress is dependent on a properly modulated immune system.

Immune system modulation is a dynamic metabolic process that requires constant nutritional support’. Read the full story at Biosyntrx

Most people are stressed, they come into your office and they are stressed. Do you take this as an opportunity to talk about eye health and make nutritional recommendations for stress relievers? Do you carry the products? Evaluate the below statistics and know that 75% of your patients walking in the door are stressed and strong candidates for nutritional supplements such as EpiCor.

Eye Bogglers (From American Psychological Association 2007)

  • 33% of Americans are living in extreme stress
  • 75% of Americans stress is coming from money and work
  • 43% of Americans said they overeat or miss meals due to stress

The Top 10 Causes of Stress from Real

  1. Not having enough time
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle
  3. Taking on too much
  4. Conflicts at work or home
  5. Inability to accept things as they are
  6. Failure to Take time out to relax
  7. Non work related things such as illness, death
  8. Failure to see humor

The eye nutritional market is growing, learn about it and capture it for your financial and patient health.

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