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I know you are thinking, more eyewear blogs, how much information do we need!!! Probably not much more, but there are a few what we call street blogs just about eyeglass products, that I think are great. They feature optical trends, hip, cool and fun eyeglasses, celebrity eyewear from a street perspective.

As many of you are going into e-commerce, how are you going to entice your patients and the consumer to buy from you? These are a few of our favorite street blogs about eyeglasses, spectacles, eyewear, sunwear from a consumer perspective.

EyeWear Glasses– features big pictures of eyewear, celebrities and lots of European styling you don’t see here in the states.

Eye Heart Glasses– from Australia, also giving us an outback look on eyewear. Pics of people on the street wearing cool eyewear, and other spectacle finds she finds.

I Hate Sunglasses– Written by a dispenser in Sacramento, CA, she is just starting out in the blog-sphere. Written from a perspective of a young women dispenser and what she likes and doesn’t like.

Note Del Hotel- is actually a retail Vintage Eyewear store out of Los Angeles. Their blog features lots of old pictures with what else vintage eyewear.

Everything Sunglasses- is an excellent example of selling eyewear on line as well. He features the celeb and then showcases the product. He is out of Taipei, so again has lots of information about what is Hot in Asia and Europe.

Spectacles Blog- Also from the UK, a little hard to read with the green, but interesting tidbits of information.

Spectacles Loves You– Retail out of Toronto, Canada

EyeGoodies- Another retail location with a blog, not even a year old.

Vintage Frame Company– Interesting on how they sell and display vintage eyewear

This is not to detract from other blogs and websites we have mentioned. As we come across great sites, we will definitely feature them.

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