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Screaming headlines and The Lessons I have learned from Luxottica and Essilor’s Strategic Alliances

It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but rather those mutually supportive alliances through which partners recognize their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared and private goals. Fred Allen

  • Luxottica and Form Strategic eCommerce Alliance to Expand (press release) Under this exclusive agreement, Vision Direct, Inc., a leading online contact lens retailer and a wholly-owned subsidiary of, will collaborate … See all stories on this topic
  • Luxottica to offer contact lenses online with new partnership By lenschic As of September 30, 2009, Luxottica operated 2939 optical stores across North America, including LensCrafters and Pearle Vision. The new contact lens ecommerce services are expected to launch in mid-2010. will incur a one-time That is a benefit for me because if I provide very good customer service I can have the customer come to us to get contacts and not have to jump through hoops to just get what works for them. Customers do you want the contacts you –
  • Alcon, Essilor team on eye care project Fort Worth Business Press Approaching Alcon as a potential partner made sense because both companies promote eye health as an essential part of overall health and success, … See all stories on this topic
  • VisionMonday > Essilor to Test E-Business Initiative for Jun 29, 2009 DALLAS—Beginning next month, Essilor of America is planning to test a new Dhavid Cooper, OD, MS, CEO and co-founder of, ...
  • Association of Technical Opticians To the latest Essilor and Frames Direct partnering to provide eyeglasses online. This trend has been predicted far before I could ever concieve of it, …
  • Dec 7, 2009  Framed! A Sunglass Hut store display. … store and the Luxottica Group, parent company to Sunglass Hut, have entered into an agreement to open in-store locations at about 430 Macy’s department stores in the U.S.. This deal makes Sunglass Hut the exclusive operator of Macy’s…/macys-and-sunglasshut-have-big-plans-in-store
  • Abbott Continues to Expand – Analyst Blo Benzinga – Dover,DE,USA  with domestic and international regulations and industry standards, Besides this, the company also acquired eye care companies Visiogen and Evalve,
  • FGX Int’l to be acquired by Essilor for $465M BusinessWeek Essilor, based in France, sells glasses and contact lenses. Its brands include Varilux, Crizal, Definity and its namesake. The company plans to pay for the … See all stories on this topic

I have watched with interest the continual buyouts and strategic alliances from both Luxottica and Essilor. These are large companies that have to answer to shareholders, therefore they have to have growth. The easiest way to get growth and eliminate competition is to buy other companies, cut costs and Form STRATEGIC ALLIANCES with non- compete vendors to break in new markets and synergize their energy and efforts.

What can you learn from this? Form your own strategic alliances in order to compete and add growth, and enter new markets. Find other companies that have the same core values as you and compliment your services and products while allowing you to create and open new markets.

  • Get together with your local shops and cross merchandise, put links on your website, advertise together, promote one another.
  • Get together with make-up artists, tattooist, spa, masseur,  and offer discounts or specials with each others clientele
  • Form your own ‘medical group’ get with your local dentist, chiropractor, podiatrist, make up a brochure and cross promote.
  • Get with your local pet store and promote doggie sunglasses
  • If you are in area with  of hotels, work with them to provide services for the traveler.
  • Restaurants- many are hurting, why not work with them to put on lunch fashion shows?
  • Clothing And Accessory Boutiques- Do a trade, you supply the sunwear and eyeglass accessories, if they merchandise your windows and displays.
  • Get together to put your own website or blog together.
  • Form alliances with your favorite causes.

Whatever you do, consider both informal and formal marketing avenues to cross merchandising and promotions. The goal should be finding and leveraging both powers to create cross promotional opportunities for both or all parties.

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