Store Within A Store Merchandising Trends 2017

Lifestyle Sunglasses with Skateboard Display. Image Credit Baricole

What is a store within a store or shop within shop concept? You may not realize this but you see them all the time: Gas stations with mini-marts, Grocery Stores with Starbucks and Panda Express. Bookstores with coffee shops. You also see them in department stores, whole sections that are devoted to one brand. This is called the store within the store concept.

Store within a store concepts are growing: By inviting others into their space, they are saving money, enticing new customers and maximizing profits. Macy’s is teaming with Etsy and Sunglass Hut, Penny’s put in Sephora, Radio Shack put in Sprint.

Rivet and Sway’s, mobile pop up store was meant to be wheeled into places like beauty shops

Could eyecare professional capitalize on this trend? We have seen yogurt shops and artists. Is there more opportunity? Could they get with a Low Vision Supplier for a complete section devoted to low vision devices? Could they collaborate with a cosmetic company? Is there a local Sports Specialists? Accessory company? It is not that you want to junk up your office, but there is nothing wrong with doing a pop up for a month or two? It can be a win-win for both retailers.

Would you consider you reaching out to other retailers to open a pop up or store within a store location?

Warby Parker Store within Hotel Pop Up
Warby Parker Store within Hotel Pop Up

Now that it is the end of every year It is time to re-look and evaluate your Store within a Store merchandising for 2017. With new trends and consumer interest, it might pay to look at other markets and re-curate space allotments for different interests and trends.

For Example:

Lens Center: This is not just tints and coatings: Migraine Lenses, Blue Light Lenses, Adjustable Tint Lenses, Sport Lenses, Computer Lenses, Hobby Lenses,  FreeForm lenses, performance lenses, Photochromatics and Adjustable lenses.  Add in Custom Detailing, Mirrors, Tints, Scratch Coats, UV and AR to cover the full gamut. The lens business is growing and it will pay to dedicate a full section on this highly profitable sector.

Where could you put a lens center? Sporting Venues, Doctors offices to name a few.

Dry Eye Center: As we all know by now, dry eyes is a growing eye health issue. While there is a lot press, many people do not know that their problem of watery eyes is really due to dry eyes. The section should be labeled DRY EYES Solutions and include: Nutraceutricals, moisture chamber eyewear, optical lenses with tints, Facial masks.

Where could you put a dry Center? Electronic stores,Beauty Salons and Spas.

Low Vision Center: Isn’t this the main reason we are all in this business? Considering that about 50% of the people have something wrong with their vision, you might include products such as: Magnifiers, Readers, Makeup Glasses.

Where could you put a Low Vision Center? Senior Citizen centers? Retirement living housing?

Travel Center: Travel is a flying high in the world. In fact according to a 2015 study over 1.184 billion people checked in at an airport counter. What do travelers need that you can provide? Backup glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses, contact lens solutions, eyewear leashes, eyeglass cases, microfiber cloths for cleaning things other than eyeglasses. 


Health Center or A Skin Cancer Prevention Center: Everybody is aware of skin cancer and most likely takes regular visits to the dermatolgist. One the the #1 ways to prevent skin cancer is sunglasses. Why not have a section with Sunglasses, clip ons and Fitovers 


Event Center: Engaging patients is very important today. Whether it is a fundraising event or a trunk show, nothing wrong with having a Event Calendar for your patients to peruse.

  • Trunk Shows, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, Sports-Super Bowl, Glaucoma Day, Back To School, World Sight Day, Earth Day
  • Holidays- Pull together Red and Pink eyewear for Valentines Day, Green and Gold for St. Patricks Day, Red and Green for Xmas. There are many holidays to consider and it will definitely add zing to the office
  • Special Promotions: Annual sale or collaboration with another type of vendor.

Gift Center: Gifts are all year round: Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Secretary Day, Boss Day, Fathers Day, Teachers Day, be prepared and you can change the wrapping and the display depending on the appropriate day.


Eco Eyecare or a Give Back Center; Many companies now have a corporate give back program. Some particpate in Think About Your Eyes, others many have percentage going back to support a charity. Giving back is a strong consumer trend and consumer expect corporations to lend support. Let your patients know you care about them and their needs.

Karoo Optical Store Image: Style Blueprint
Karoo Optical Store Image: Style Blueprint

Made In USA eyewear products or Shop Local Products: This is another strong consumer trend, you can find a full list here of products made in the United States or any local vendors you might use. This includes nutraceuticals, eyewear accessories, your local lab or lenses and made to order 3D eyewear.

Shop Local Displayed on Doors
Shop Local Displayed on Doors

It could be your shop local is just a curated display of local vendors. It could change monthly. It could be your local doctors.

Art Center: Quite a few optical shops are showcasing local talent which could be artists and or accessories. There is a growing aspect in eyewear which artistic design pieces. Included might be Wearable Art Eyewear from Coco and Breezy, A-Morir or Mecura NYC. It might include artist collaborations from companies like Colab or any eyewear companies that produces a limited edition Artist Collaboration.

Luxury Center: This upscale sector of the optical industry, includes lenses and add ons is also growing. We include Limited Edition eyewear, Bespoke and Custom Eyewear along with materials such as solid gold, jewels and horn eyeglasses .

3D Center: 3D printed eyewear is growing and many consumers are intrigued with the process and some even printing their own eyewear. While there are several companies that are currently providing 3D printed eyewear (Roger Bacon via Penn Avenue Eyewear, Ron Arad, Hoet, Mongoool and Mykita) See: customized 3D eyewear selection.roger-bacon-eyewear-an-eyewear

Sports- Performance Center: Participation in sports is growing, whether walking, pole dancing, extreme sports. Included in this category are Sports Performance eyewear and sunglasses and various functional tints.

Lifestyle Sunglasses with Skateboard Display. Image Credit Baricole
Lifestyle Sunglasses with Skateboard Display. Image Credit Baricole
WileyX , sports and performance eyewear story
WileyX , sports and performance eyewear story

How many athletic places could benefit from a sports vision center/

Contact Lens Center- The contact lens : Many offices put contact lenses in the back and there is nothing out in front featuring speciality contact lenses such as theatrical, custom, hand-painted CLs, plus all the variety in contact lens cases and solutions. Add in advisory warnings about contact lens safety.

Monthly Story Eyewear: This category encompasses quite a few of the above store within a store concept. The monthly story might be a feature of:

  • Rock Star Eyewear, Hip Hop Eyewear, Music,
  • Goth Eyewear and Steampunk Styles.
  • Celebrities Styling
  • As Seen on The Runway
Perfect example for Runway Showings. Image: Impacto Criativo
Perfect example for Runway Showings. Image: Impacto Criativo
  • Do a look: Flower Power Eyewear, Chains and or jewels
  • Vintage– Quite a few optical shops have a vintage selection.
  • Do Shapes: Round, square and unusual.
  • Color Center- when all browns and blacks are displayed together, the boards can look the same. Why not do a featured color of the Month? or do a Pantone Color Story. 
Family Optometric Center, Vintage Store within a Store Concept
Family Optometric Center, Vintage Store within a Store Concept

Technology Center (The Future Look Of Eyecare) Another category that many include many of the above. Augmented Reality glasses, video eyewear, smart glasses, 3d printed eyewear and maybe your own app.

Spotlight on Vendors or Feature of the Month: Image Visit
Spotlight on Vendors or Feature of the Month: Image

Other areas to consider: Children, Rent A Sunglass Center, Global Fit or Ethnic

The possibilities are endless of what you can do to spruce up your eyecare office and maybe other and profits. Take a few minutes around your office and let your imagination run wild on what you could achieve by a re-merchandise. After that take a walk around the neighborhood, is there an outlet for sales that could be mutually beneficial?


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