Steam Punk Eyewear? What Is It?

Brass Titanium Steam Punk Goggles:

I have an insatiable curiosity for bizarre and weird and unique eyewear. Previously I had shown a picture of Steam Punk Eyewear, thinking this was an eccentric and offbeat item. Little did I know that Steam Punk is a whole sub genre of fantasy and fiction that came about in the 1980’s and is growing. Steam Punk features of course materials from old steam and spring  powered technology.  You can read more about Steam Punk on my favorite and most used website Wikepedia.

Steam punk is associated with cyberpunk, goths, punks,  cybergoths, gamers and geeks, it is growing in popularity. To top it all off, Steam punk is infused in Music, Fashion and films. They even have their own events, including an Expo, plus all sorts of blogs just for steampunkers. If you goggle Steam Punk over 550,000 hits will come up, steampunk eyewear gets 4,29,000 hits. Goodly amount for a niche item.


Steam Punk Eyewear will incorporate vintage elements, such as round lenses, brass fittings, leather straps, mesh metals, gears, glass bottles, fittings and materials that could be found in the victorian era.

Should you carry Steam Punk Eyewear? If you read the Store With A Store Concept article we wrote, you could offer Steam Punk eyewear as a ‘small store’, appealing certainly to a limited market, but I can tell you this, you won’t see this eyewear in any chain or discount eyecare office. Put up a few pieces with Signage and some history and what Punk Fashion is all about. Keep it up for a few months, it will add a little spice into the dispensing room but the best part, it will increase the talk factor about your business, engage the customer, hopefully get you some referrals and set you apart from the competition.

What more could you ask for- Exciting and unique products to offer the customer and something to keep the customers informed and entertained.

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  1. Thanks to sushikcat for the link! The best description of steampunk I’ve heard so far is ‘imagine what things would look like if Charles Babbage’s steam powered computer had worked’.

  2. While not “steam punk” myself, I love the imaginative designs that community comes up with. If I remember correctly, I saw a computer with a vintage typewriter keyboard.

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