Star Struck by Optical Stars at Vision Expo East


Cathy and I are attending Vision Expo East and getting a little star struck by all the optical stars we are meeting. I personally spoke to Diane Von Furstenberg and Josie Natori today. It was not their celebrity status that made me star struck but the talent and accomplishment of these women and their genuine enthusiasm for the optical products they have created.

Zyloware and Josie Natori are in a brand new partnership and she is bringing an understanding of craftsmanship and comfort as well as a unique style to her line of eyewear. If you love her clothes you will love her frames and so will your customers.

I was a little overwhelmed talking to Diane Von Furstenberg at her Studio during the OWA event. She has amazing charisma and warmth. I was wowed by the whole event and there is a lot we want to tell you – we will report more next week. In the meantime here are a couple of pictures.

Diane Von Furstenberg and Shirley
Josie Natori between two models wearing her new eyewear
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  1. I would rather meet Johnny Depp but if these designers get more consumers interested in buying quality eyewear it is all good! Let me know when Johnny is at an event and I will be there!

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