Standing Out From Your Optical Competition


Making yourself different from the competition is all about managing customers expectations and giving them not only what they expect and a little extra. At one time you would have gone to Starbucks because they offer free WiFi. Now even the smallest diners or cafe’s offer Free WiFi. Before you embark on your ‘Standing out From The Competition’ take the ‘Nobody Else is Doing It’ out of your thinking. Being a leader or first to offer a product or a service can be challenging!

Wow Your Patients

Some considerations to “Jump-Start’ Your Creativity

  • How do you Stand out?
  • What can you add? New Services, product extras you can put into the mix.
  • What barriers can you remove? How can you make it easier to do business?
  • What fun can you add in? How can you make the buying experience fun and engaging?
  • What value can you add? What can you give customers-patients something so unexpected that adds value to your products and services?
Aspire MidPage June 19