Spring into Better Sales


Well, it’s that time of year again. Although Mother Nature might not necessarily agree.


When everything is fresh, and new again. Plants begin to peek up out of the ground, Christmas bills are (hopefully) paid off; and your customers are ready to spend money on themselves.

But what about your office? Where is the renewal, the freshness, the feeling of being ‘new again’ that entices your customers in to look, and ultimately to buy?

Most of us spend every day in our opticals. We grow used to the way things are. The mark on the wall where a careless delivery person didn’t pay attention to where he was going. The stain on the floor that you tried to scrub out, half-heartedly, before another customer came in and you promptly forgot all about it, and now it is set.

We have a very difficult time looking at our practices objectively, through the eyes of our potential customers. But this is the perfect time to find a way to do just that. Spring cleaning, both of your office and your optical’s look, can really lead to increased sales.

Here are some simple, easily implemented ideas to try:

Paint. By far the number one easiest way to update your optical. Whether you simply put a new coat of the same color or try a different hue, it immediately gives the impression of cleanliness to your customers. You could even try a couple of colors, to give even more impact.

How about an accent wall color? Take one wall of your office-usually one that is highly visible, with a lot of ‘paint space’, and paint it in a dark, complementary color.  This gives huge impact, as well as allowing whatever IS on that wall to stand out, giving the impression the items presented here are more special.

Repaint your trim in a non-traditional color. What do I mean by that? Well, start noticing when you walk into business offices. Everyone has white, or some variation of tan or cream trim (the baseboards, the framing around doors, etc).  Why not use a color that pops? If your optical is very ‘white’ toned, and you have dark flooring (either carpet or tile), how about a deep red, or purple, or blue? The result is an immediate impression that you have updated your store and that you are more ‘modern’.

How about your displays? Are they moveable? Can they be made to be moveable (installing rollers that lock, for instance)? Don’t be afraid to rearrange your displays, your shelving, all of it. Obviously, you’d want to do this BEFORE you paint. If you have traditional display pieces-large, cumbersome), take the time to draw out a rough sketch of your space, and move your displays on paper prior to physically moving them.

Plan a ‘spring fling’ with your staff, friends, and family.  Gather them all together on a Friday night, provide food and drink, and move everything around. Get their opinions on your ideas. Once you have the decor the way you’d like it, you can then spend the rest of the weekend painting (hopefully with help from those that enjoyed your food and drink on Friday!).

Come Monday, you have a whole new look. Your customers will think you completed remodeled, when in fact you simply moved what you had to new places. They will notice frames they hadn’t seen before. They’ll feel more confident doing business because the impression is that you are successful enough to remodel.

And if you decide after a few months it doesn’t work for you? For the price of some pizzas, libations, and paint-maybe a few hundred dollars you can do the same thing again in the fall!

Don’t be afraid to change. It is when we become stagnant that growth ends. Both for ourselves personally, as well as for our business.

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