Sports and Fashion Sunglasses – Winning Team

Em Costa Grand Catalina
Em in Costa Grand Catalina Coral 580

Em is very active, engaging in many sports besides tennis. She also loves fashion and always looks stylish no matter what sport she is playing! The other day she arrived at the court sans sunglasses as she had lost hers so I gave her the opportunity to explore wearing a new pair of Costa sunglasses that I just happened to have with me, Grand Catalina in a Coral color frame with polycarbonate polarized copper 580 lenses. I was going to try them out myself but as a blogger it is good to get real feedback from consumers on their eyewear experiences, especially sponsors products, so I thought I would have her wear them for a couple of weeks and then answer some questions. This what Em had to say about wearing these Grand Catalina Costa sunglasses:

  1. OVS: What activities were you engaged in while wearing your Costas? Em: hiking, tennis, driving.
  2. OVS: How did they perform as far as blocking glare? Em: They worked very well for blocking glare.
  3. OVS: How did you find the clarity of the lenses?  Em: very clear, perfect for the day I hiked when it was gloomy/gray. Colors were clear and sharp.
  4. OVS: Did they slip or move when you were active? Em: no slipping, fit perfectly.
  5. OVS: Did you find them comfortable? Em: Yes, the most comfortable sunglasses I have worn.
  6. OVS: How was the weight on your face? Em: Light and comfortable.
  7. OVS: How do they compare to your other sunglasses? Em: They weigh and fit about the same as the ones I already have but the lenses are clearer and sharper.
  8. OVS: What do you think about the style and color?  Em: I am a big fan of the aviator shape it is stylish/hip, modern, and I love the coral frame color!
  9. OVS: What was your overall experience and anything you would like to add? Em: Coming from my kids, they think it’s shaped a little too much like men’s sunglasses on top but I think they are true to the vintage aviator shape which I like. Plus they are the best sunglasses as far as glare and performance that I have worn so I want to keep them please!

A winning review from our tennis captain and a good lesson to remember to ask optical customers about their lifestyle and sports activities, fashion and function do not have to be exclusive. Sports Performance Sunglasses and Fashion  can be a winning team!

Here are  product benefits and facts you might like to know about Costa 580  and the benefits of different lens colors in general

Costa’s 580™ Lens Technology

  •  The 580™ lens blocks yellow light at the 580 nanometers on the light spectrum and provides unmatched razor sharp color enhancement and glare elimination. (Yellow light is the harshest light for your eye to filter.)
  • The 100 percent polarization and UV protection are embedded directly into the lens.
  • The lenses are available in either optically ground glass or super lightweight polycarbonate

Lens colors:

  • Gray lenses are great for activities on water or land in medium to bright sun conditions.
  • Copper and Amber lenses are a great all around lens choices. They’re also good for sight fishing.
  • Blue Mirror lenses have encapsulated mirrors that deliver superior contrast and color in full sun while eliminating glare. They’re best for activities on open water. These lenses start with a gray lens base.
  • Green Mirror lenses are great for fishing inshore, on the flats, rivers and streams. These lenses start with an amber base.
  • Silver Mirror lenses are great for freshwater sight fishing (fly fishing) and any outdoor activity with variable light. These lenses start with a copper lens base.
  • Sunrise lens allows the most light to enter the eye and is best suited for low light fishing and hunting conditions (e.g. early morning or late afternoon).


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