Spice Up Vintage Sunglass Frames with New Tints

Opticote Flash Gradient Silver and Pastel 1

Cathy and I have some vintage frames that we don’t wear but don’t want to part with either. Opticote just sent us their newest color samples and it gave us the idea of a way to spice up our vintage sunglass frames with new tints and lenses.

I have an old pair of cat eye pink Ellen Tracy sunglasses, I love the color and shape of the frame but the lenses are really boring plus I need an Rx these days so I picked an Opticote Flash Gradient Silver to replace these lenses. We chose Pastel I from the Chicago Collection for Cathy’s retro blue/aqua and white Renato Balestra sunglasses. This style is totally in now but the lenses were blah! Now they will be more vibrant.

Update with Pastel II

As regular readers know, Cathy is a tree hugger and she wants to recycle anything and everything.  She has an ancient pair of aviator style that make her look like Amelia Earhart but they will look a lot better with a Gold Mirror for some L.A. star power or the cooler Opticote Pastel II pictured here.

We had a lot of fun trying out the different colors and treatments with our old frames.

We think it would be a fun event for summer. Ask your optical customers to bring in their favorite pair of ophthalmic quality vintage glasses for a new look! The idea is not to forsake the sale of a second complete pair but to make an extra sale by bringing new life to something old.  Ahh if only someone could do that to me…….

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