Spexist Advertising: Eyewear Adorned Adonises


It’s pretty hard to find beefcake mens eyewear ads.. why is it that? Advertisers don’t think women want to look at men? Most ads were with women, Women showing cleavage, wearing bathing suits and underwear. Women is suggestive poses and half naked.

Men on the other hand might be wearing a bathing suit, but they are usually in the background. We searched through over 2,000 vintage and current eyewear ads on our Pinterest Boards and we found plenty of spexy women.. very few spexy men.

This sexist advertising started back in the 1940’s.

American Optical Advertisement 1949 Cool Ray Sunglasses detail

1950 Eyewear Ad

 This 1950’s Catalina swimsuit ad, didn’t show much.


Jeff Chandler in the Fosta Grantly (Foster Grant) looks a little like George Clooney, but here is his face, yet below are spexy women in bathing suits.


This Sock Ad with men wearing nothing but socks and sunglasses circa 1960 is about the only radical spexy ad I could find.

Circa 1960?
Circa 1960

This is more like it with this YSL advertising. Actually this is in 1971 and YSL was Not advertising his eyewear, just making a statement.


Do you agree or disagree? Is Eyewear Advertising Spexists?

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