Specs On Wheels New POP UP Store Concept From Rivet And Sway


pop-up storeWe have been posting about POP Up Stores for the last couple years. The online eyewear trend from Warby Parker to Crap Eyewear is to introduce themselves in a retail setting via pop up stores. Rivet and Sway, an online eyewear boutique that caters to women, has taken this a step forward and introduced Specs on Wheels to Seattle’s beauty Salons.

Beauty Salons over the years have branched into fashion accessories and some into eyewear. Some eyewear retailers have placed sunglasses in stores in a cross merchandising collaboration.

It is an interesting concept and one way to build a brand, reach out to potential customers and sell sunglasses.

Beauty salons, day spas, nail salons, are prime locations for this type of POP UP Store marketing. A Steady captive influx of women, who are looking good and spending money, might open up the possibilities for eye care professionals.

For more information: here is the press release:

SEATTLE–Rivet & Sway, the first online eyewear boutique to cater exclusively to women, today unveiled “Specs on Wheels” – a pop-up boutique, custom engineered to fit on a tricycle, and cleverly designed to merchandise Rivet & Sway frames in Seattle-area beauty salons. The unique pop-up boutique enables Rivet & Sway to extend its reach into the offline marketplace for the first time since it debuted online in August 2012.

“We’re delighted to be working with Rivet & Sway to provide this unique experience for our clients”

“We are super excited to partner with forward-thinking salons to create an in-store experience where women can explore glasses as a fashion accessory,” said Sarah Bryar, CEO of Rivet & Sway. “By integrating our pop-up boutique within a beauty salon, we can reach women in an environment where they are already thinking about changing their look. And for our salon partners, it’s an opportunity to generate additional revenue while also providing additional value-adding services for their clients.”

Caruh Salon Spa in North Seattle will be the first to participate in Rivet & Sway’s Salon Retail Program, hosting Specs on Wheels during normal business hours through the end of November. Specs on Wheels will be managed by a professional stylist from Rivet & Sway – Wednesday through Sunday – providing women with a free personal fitting consultation. Caruh clients are invited to shop the Rivet & Sway collection, try on frames, consult the stylist for personalized recommendations, and custom order prescription glasses through a built-in iPad kiosk.

“We’re delighted to be working with Rivet & Sway to provide this unique experience for our clients,” said Cyndi DeSoto, Owner of Caruh Salon Spa. “Our team is committed to helping women explore beauty from the inside out, and we feel that Rivet & Sway’s vision is well-aligned with what we aspire to do at Caruh.”

About Rivet & Sway
Rivet & Sway is an eyewear brand exclusively for women. With its curated line of high quality and uniquely designed frames priced at $199 (including lenses) and an experience that mirrors a favorite boutique, Rivet & Sway makes buying specs online as easy and fun as buying shoes and handbags. Shoppers can expect useful advice to find the perfect pair (or two or three) alongside free FedEx 2-Day shipping, free lens and coating upgrades, all-inclusive pricing and a 60-day, no-questions asked return policy.

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