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A surprising number of individually owned optometry and ophthalmology practices still do not have websites. These practices have relied on existing customers and word of mouth to keep business going. Common objections to building a website include cost and difficulty.  There is no longer any excuse. Building a website can be free and easy.

There are many programs and companies out there to assist with the creation of a website. Sorting through many search engine results can be overwhelming and confusing, so be sure to read all of the terms and conditions. Beware of hidden charges for adding features to your site. A reputable and easy to use program is Yola. This program is free to use if you keep Yola as part of the domain name (web address). If you would like to customize your web address it costs $19.95 for one year.  Paying the low fee to personalize the web address will help draw more traffic to the website and make it easier for customers to find the correct business online.

Yola, and many programs like it, provide customers with easy to use templates for building a website. It is not necessary to know HTML code or other complicated algorithms. These sites are designed to allow the creator to choose the features and tools that work best for them. There are customizable forms, maps, and even a program to show open appointment times. This results in a unique look for every website.

With a few digital pictures, and a couples hours of time, every practice can have an incredible looking website.

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