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Facebook: Keeping It Professional

The Facebook terms of use do not allow people to have multiple accounts. Due to this, many new Facebook users struggle with keeping their professional lives separate from their personal lives.  When a new user (let’s call him John) becomes active on Facebook it is inevitable that he will receive Friend Requests from people in all areas of his life. In this scenario John has signed up for a Facebook account so that he can promote his company’s new store location. John works on building his social network in order to reach out to as many people as possible and make new connections. However, John does not want his childhood best friend, Dan, posting stories that his boss and customers may see.  This leaves John in the dilemma of trying to figure out if he should be Facebook Friends with Dan, or if he should exclude Dan from his network. Excluding Dan from his network means that John might offend an old friend, and potential customer, as well as keep John from making further connections.  But John knows that Dan has a big mouth and loves to reminisce about teenage indiscretions.  How does John keep things professional?

Facebook has worked very hard to create extensive privacy options. If John would like to maintain both a professional and personal existence on Facebook then he should customize his privacy options to limit what each group can see.  Sorting friends into lists is a good way to start. Facebook’s privacy options allow users to personalize settings for wall posts, photographs, messages that the user posts and message sent to the user, ultimately controlling who sees what. It is important to remember to add all new friends to groups in order to ensure this system works.

It is also a good idea for John to regularly monitor photographs and posts made by friends that mention him.  If John finds something objectionable, Facebook allows him to un-tag himself from photos and remove posts from his wall. While the photos may still be up, they will no longer contain John’s name or show up in searches for John. The same is true of the removed posts.

When John chooses to release news about his company’s new store location he can customize the settings for his post so that it goes out to the people it will impact most. This allows John to target a specific audience.

Article submitted by Crystal Blaker, founder of CB Consultations

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