Social Good Trunk Shows


recycle-for-charityTrunk Shows have many benefits: They are a good way to connect and engage with your patients, assist you in brand building and allows you to showcase new products. They are exciting and eventful and can really boost up sales. A new trend is emerging, having a Cause Related Trunk Trunk, in which a portion of sales goes back to a good cause or used as fundraising event.

Many offices have done trunk shows with companies such as Modo, which has a buy one give one program as well as Eco Friendly Eyewear in which they plant trees. Another idea, have a Social Good Trunk Show and have your patients bring in their old cell phones for an additional $20 off. You then can donate or resell the phones as a fundraising event.

Even, if you didn’t want to do a Trunk Show, you can still raise funds for donation, just by collecting the items. You can either get your patients to drop off their cell phones for a certain amount of time. To find cell phone charities google keywords, cell phone donation and over 24,000, 000 results will come up.

Eye Bogglers: (Source,)

  • 68% of U.S. residents suffer from ‘compulsive gadget hoarding.’
  • 68% of Americans have kept an old gadget for 2+ years (gadget hoarding) without using the device.
  • 70% of Americans currently have multiple old gadgets at home that they haven’t used within the past 3 months.
  •  25% of Americans admit to having a “gadget hoarding” problem.
  • Cell phones should not be put in the trash, they contain toxic materials such as lead and mercury, which leaks into the groundwater.

Think about it, I have 1 old cell phone, 3 earbuds not used, 1 car phone charger, my niece has a iphone4, she is saving for what, I don’t know, my other niece has an old phone.. That is a lot of phones sitting around getting older, taking space, where they could be doing some social good.  How many cell phones do you have?

What I like about Cause Related Trunk Shows, it really gives people a reason to come in and now only do they feel good, you will as well. It is very newsworthy, media loves these types of events. Why not connect with other businesses in your area? Great way to network and synergize with others. Community Involvement, Social Networking, increasing the buzz, engaging patients…. what more can you ask for?


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