Smartphone Eye Exams Launch in New York


First it was the $29.00 eye exam. Then came the Eye Exam Kiosk. Several years ago, the first Eye Exam apps were launched. Now it is Blink, a new mobile Eye Exam launched in New York.

Blink a product of EyeNetra, is a mobile friendly eye exam that will come to you for $75.00. A ‘Visioneer’ comes to your location and will use other devices instead of a auto refractor, lensometer and phoropter. They take the exam and send the results to your optometrist, who in turn will write your RX if needed. The patient can choose where to purchase eyewear.

The advantages to this are numerous for eye doctors. It gives them an opportunity to reach a wider audience without having to set up another office, provides a way to provide eye exams in places like nursing homes. In addition this is an opportunity to help others in need.

The Blink Process from Blink on Vimeo.

In addition, for every eye exam given they contribute back to a person in need.

Via Blink and Technology Review 



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