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Lots and Lots of updates on wearable technology in the eyewear sector. Google Glass Apps and Updates are all going viral. The biggest news of course is


Luxottica and Google working together, but really, we all knew that was going to happen.

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  • Google plans to open its first retail location in the United States in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, situated just around the corner from an Apple store, a new report suggests. According toCrain’s New York, Google will open an 8,000-square-foot retail location at 131 Greene St. If the reports are true, the store would also be across the street from eyewear company Warby Parker, which at one point was rumored to be helping design frames for Google Glass.
  • Google Glass offers vision of wearable tech in healthcare Google’s new wearable mobile technology, Google Glass, is making its first inroads into healthcare settings, signaling what could be the dawning of a 
  • Google Glass leads video-game makers to test wearable market Chicago Daily Herald Wearable technologies including Google Glass, Oculus Rift headsets, “These new devices demand a different type of design and technology,” said ..
  • Google hopes to debunk 10 Glass myths SFGate (blog) Google hopes to debunk 10 Glass myths placed in soda will dissolve in 24 hours” — before tackling 10 inaccurate beliefs about its smart glasses.
  • Google Glass-based system could boost user security at ATMs While many of us worry about the ways in which Google Glass could be used to infringe on peoples’ privacy, scientists in Germany have instead developed a process in which the high-tech eyewear could be used to keep shady characters from obtaining your PIN while you used an automated teller. read more
  • Google Glass works together with Ray-Ban. The manufacturer of Ray-Ban sunglasses, Luxottica, has partnered with Google to design new Google Glass glasses and distribute. In a statement  said Luxottica that the two together ‘innovative portable devices “will make for the Google Glass brand. The major brands Ray-Ban and Oakley would be part of the deal. Google Glass is a glasses, issued by Google, with the capabilities of a mobile phone.
  • Augmedix gets $3.2 million to bring Google Glass to doctors | mobihealthnews San Francisco-based Augmedix, which has developed a Google Glass clinical documentation offering for physicians raise…

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